Who knew?

I have had my Nokia Lumia 635 mobile phone for two and a half years. Today I discovered a feature quite by chance. If you rotate the calculator to landscape it transforms from a basic versionregular calculator

into a full scientific versionscientific calculatorAt first I was surprised and delighted at this ‘Easter egg’ feature. After a few moments I began to feel more critical of the designers who chose not to make it more obvious that this alternative was available.

This, however, is a small quibble and in general I love my Lumia running Windows Phone 8.1. I know, I know – the Windows mobile operating system is well and truly dead in the water. But that is because there were not enough apps available, not because there was anything wrong with the OS per se.

The ‘Live tiles’ design is beautiful, slick, fun, customisable and functional – making both Android and iOS displays look like toys in comparison.

I shall hang on to my Lumia for as long as possible. Particularly now that I can calculate π factorial with two keystrokes! (It’s 7.188082728976033 by the way.)


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