Journey to Australia begins

Sorry if the handwriting isn’t too good, the ship is shuddering like mad. I’ll start my diary by telling you what happened on Thursday night. We had a boring journey on the motorway with Daddy driving half way and Stanley the other way. (Stanley is the gardener at the Mott who has bought our car). When we got to London, Dr Who chased us! We had a job getting to the Atlantic Hotel and once Daddy went the wrong way up a one-way street! But finally we got to it and parted with our car.

We stepped into the hotel and a bellboy took our cases. Daddy then got our room key from the desk. The bellboy showed us to the lift and we were soon rising. The lift stopped and we all got out. He then led the way through a maze of narrow passages. He pressed a “call lift” button by the door of the lift. It soon came and we were descending again! It stopped and we all piled out, and who was that standing by the lift door Granny Teed!

We said hello and walked in our room. Five beds, one bust radio, one sink one gas fire one wardrobe, one telephone one chest of drawers and one Long John and a couple of chairs fitted into quite a roomy room. When we had settled down Daddy went down stairs and told the man at the desk to wake us up at 6.30. When it was bedtime I slept in the bed by the window. I did not sleep very well because it was hot and I kept on turning over to keep to a cool spot. I managed to doze off towards the morning.

They rang us up but I didn’t hear the bell but the clock alarm woke me up. “Yippee!” I said “It’s today!” (Dad has just reminded me that we went to the Strand Palace Hotel for dinner so I will tell you now). First of all I had steak and chips and a flower that grew with it. (The steak was scrumptious). I then had ice-cream and a triangle wafer. Mummy had some gateau and the waiter said it made you fat! Granny had rum and raisin ice-cream and the waiter told her that it was not good for you because the rum intoxicated you, the raisins stuck in your teeth and the ice-cream freezes your stomach! And Daddy had a crêpe suzette.

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