Hairy back

Today we went to Gibraltar. We went on a tender and Daddy tried to get a photograph of the “Orsova” as we left it but the fog soon covered it up. When we landed we got a taxi to have a round tour of the rock.

First we went through the town and the first thing I noticed was that the driver was gozzy. He was driving on the wrong side of the road. But everyone going the other way was gozzy so it didn’t really matter. He took us up to a helicopter field, where there was a Royal Navy ‘copter. The field looked over at the foggy sea but there was a cool breeze. There were two derelict anti-aircraft guns by the field.

Then we went up and saw the apes. There was a family of apes, a mummy, a daddy, (looking for salt in his wife’s hairy back) and a boy and a baby girl. One ape had a ride on another taxi boot. After that we went up to see Moorish castle built in 700!

We then went down into the town and we left our taxi. I bought a pennant with an ape on it. Mummy bought a Siamese silver brooch but as soon as we got back to the tender the pin snapped off but we are going to get it fixed. Daddy got some colour postcards for our album and Mandy got an embroidered postcard.

When we got back to the ship we swam in the pool and then we saw some films. We are between Gibraltar and Naples.

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