Leaving Australia

Mum and Dad woke me up today, at about 6 o’clock in the morning, in the “Roosevelt”, (3 Ward Avenue) Sydney. We are three floors up, (top floor) in a beaut flat. After breakfast we finished the packing. A few minutes later Mr Ratnik knocked on the door. He picked up a case and we followed him downstairs. We put our clobber in the boot and drove off.

As we went along we all felt sad when we thought “we won’t see Sydney again, ever.” We went to one wharf but it was the wrong one, but at last we found it. I could see the “SS Northern Star‘s” funnel with a yellow star painted on, before we got inside the wharf.

We cleared customs and they gave us a free airways bag with Shaw Savill Line printed on it. When we climbed the gangplank a man took our photographs. When we walked onto the ship I saw it had public lifts, and I also noticed it said “children must not use this lift unless accompanied by an adult”.

When we got to our cabin the steward handed us a three pound box of chocolates from the Martins. Then we went on deck to see if we could see Mrs Smith, we did, and by then streamers choked the air. Dad took a photograph of them.

Suddenly the ship’s horn blew and the water swelled, we were off.

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