Urbis purpose

It looks like Manchester’s Urbis gallery might become the home of a National Football Museum instead.

Good. Not that I have any appreciation of the game. I watch a football match on TV with the same level of comprehension as our cat. We can both see coloured shapes moving around on the screen but that’s about it. But Urbis has been a white elephant from the start.

The exhibitions I have visited were disappointing and a bit well, thin. There’s just too much space and not enough to go in it. And too many staff. For example the gimmicky lift which goes up diagonally has its own attendant. And he or she is actually in radio contact with other staff. “I’m just going up now.”

So I welcome the proposal to put this building to better use. It will be a draw to the city and if I visit the Football Museum I might even become a convert to The Beautiful Game.

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