More sporting fluid management. The frequently-towelled players have left Wimbledon for another year. (As a kid I remember learning with some surprise that they played other tournaments inbetween. Did I imagine them returning to desk jobs or something?)

So I am at the local football ground last week to watch some rugby sevens. In a nutshell, that’s Continue reading

Wet Wimbledon

I’m watching Wimbledon and wondering why, after over a hundred years of tennis, the players now need to be handed a towel after every point? Can’t they just use a sweat cuff and take care of their own perspiration? When did ball boys and ball girls become valets? Where will this end? Will someone be tasked with pulling Nadal’s shorts out of his butt before every serve?


In the interests of sexual equality the word ‘actress’ has been phased out. One word for one profession. But why didn’t we phase out ‘actor’ instead?

I think it’s now time to purge the English language of other gender distinguishing words. Let’s stop saying ‘he’ and ‘she’. Let’s just choose one and dump the other. ‘He gave birth’ sounds strange now, but at one time, so did ‘She is an actor’.