Want to steal someone’s identity?

Actually, it should be copy someone’s identity, shouldn’t it? Or indeed impersonate someone. However, identity theft seems to be the accepted phrase these days.

Anyway, if you want to do it, here’s a handy tip which you might find helpful, if your intended victim is a trader who happens to use iZettle.

This Swedish company provides point of sale solutions for small businesses. They also helpfully reveal the trader’s date of birth to anyone who is interested. This on its own won’t allow you to clean out their bank account, of course, but it’s a useful snippet of personal data, nevertheless.

So how do you get hold of an iZettle user’s date of birth? Simple. iZettle creates a privacy policy on behalf of the trader, with some boilerplate text to satisfy the legislation. Included in that automatically generated policy is the internal reference number which iZettle has allocated to the trader. It’s this number which contains the date of birth you’re after. Just take the first eight digits, and there you have it, in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Ironic really, that this breach of privacy is actually embedded in the iZettle generated privacy policy.

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