Burglar Alarm Installers Beware!


My house burglar alarm packed in after thirty years’ service. I chose to fit the replacement myself, including a Texecom Odyssey 1E external sounder.

It comes in a box printed with a mounting template. Very handy! Unfortunately if you do as I did and drill holes according to this, you will end up cursing your decision not to simply offer up the backplate and mark the hole positions with a screwdriver or something.

That is because one of the holes marked on the template is over 25 mm out! It’s the odd one below and to the left of the cable entry hole. You can get away with just a screw at each corner (the top middle hole is just an installation aid really. If you put a screw in the wall here, you can hang the backplate on it whilst you mark out the other hole locations, negating the need for the template).

So what’s the odd-one-out for? That secures the tamper switch to the wall. Without it, a determined burglar could theoretically prise the unit off the wall without removing the cover. With it, the tamper switch would remain attached to the wall, and the switch lever touching the cover would no longer be held down, triggering an alarm.

Admittedly in a domestic setting, this screw is overkill. But I thought, for the sake of a screw and a minute’s drilling, I might as well put it in. I now have one too many holes in my wall. Annoying.

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