More health and safety nonsense

I have written before about health and safety silliness here and here. Recently, two examples of safety signage caught my attention, because it is impossible to comply with them. Inside the control panel of my replacement burglar alarm is a sticker which says, “This appliance must be earthed.” And indeed, the mains terminal block inside has three terminals – for live, neutral and earth. However, the earth terminal is not connected to anything. By design, it does not need an earth, there is no way to earth it, and yet the manufacturer adds a sticker telling you to earth it.

I went to the dentist this week. They have lots of information on the walls these days, including one at the entrance warning that they have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse. That has been there for a while, presumably being a key factor in keeping things relatively civil.

Now each dentist’s surgery door has been adorned with a sticker which says, “X-rays, keep out.” I cannot see how this serves any purpose. Firstly, it has to be ignored, which must undermine the importance which people attach to safety signs in general. Secondly, when the dentist takes an x-ray, he and the assistant step outside the surgery before he presses the button on a remote control cord. Nobody could physically get past them, so there is zero chance of anybody being exposed to x-rays. Except of course the patient, who gets a full dose right in the mouth.

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