A word in your ear …

Are you shopping around for wireless earbuds? I don’t blame you. I recently purchased a pair, and now that I have discovered how convenient they are, I would never go back to corded earbuds.

Mine are comfortable and very easy to pair. The sound quality is fine for casual listening, but it lacks bass and the microphone I would describe as no more than adequate. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Having discovered how much better they are than I had anticipated, I did consider upgrading to a more expensive pair. After all, price-wise the sky’s the limit and mine were bargain-basement. But there is a significant factor to consider when budgeting for Bluetooth ear buds, and that is that they are essentially disposable.

Think about it. Each earbud contains a rechargeable battery, yet there is no way to open the case and replace it. How long should you expect the batteries to last? It depends on so many factors. You may get a couple of years out of them, after which their ability to hold charge will be frustratingly impaired.

Do you want to suffer loss of connection after using them for an hour? No, I thought not. So you will then be in the market for replacements, and your old earbuds will be destined for disposal. Quite apart from the environmental toll, think of the cost.

You might be an audiophile, but earbuds are different from a normal component purchase. Back in the 20th century I spent a week’s salary on a pair of speakers. A lot of money, but I am still enjoying them to this day. Would I buy a pair of Sennheiser MOMENTUM Earbuds? Well, I bet they sound fantastic, but it would break my heart to bin them after a few summers. I’ll stick with my cheap and cheerful ones.

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