Giacometti put me off my food

Did you know that looking at a Giacometti sculpture can make you anorexic? There’s a claim that thin fashion models put women under extreme pressure to diet. A glance around the local shopping centre confirms that most people are withstanding this exreme pressure pretty well. In fact they must have been staring at space hoppers or something.

It’s true that fashion models are particularly thin. Women’s magazines are full of them. They have got skinnier over the years too. But why does that equate to extereme pressure? There are plenty of other female role models – politicians, business leaders, TV personalities, film stars, athletes, artists, musicians and so forth. They aren’t all painfully thin. Or take a look at the models featured in lads’ mags and pornographic magazines. Do they all look under-fed?

Many women’s magazines also feature the blemishes of the rich and famous. Double chins, cellulite, wrinkles and rolls of fat in abundance. They even delight in printing pictures of celebrities who have become too thin.

We are surrounded by real people who aren’t thin, and the media presents images of all sorts of women, not just the scrawny. So why do thin fashion models get the blame for women’s discontentment with their own appearance?

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