Fingernails down a chalkboard

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison” the old saying goes. I imagine it means that taste is a personal thing. We are all individuals who make up our own minds on subjective matters such as food preference, art, entertainment, literature and music.

It’s not true, though, is it? I mean, preferences are strongly influenced by society, advertising and peer pressure. Tastes change as society evolves, and our own choices develop as we get older. People have a great capacity to like what it is fashionable to like.

I believe there is no clearer example of this than the meteoric success of Amy Winehouse. I know I am in a minority of one, but I just cannot bear to listen to her singing. I am as puzzled by her popularity as we are collectively puzzled by our former liking for Liebfraumilch or The Black and White Minstrels.

While her many fans hear the voice of an angel, I hear a pub singer whose friends really ought to put in a taxi before she humiliates herself further. To my ears, her voice is like the cawing of a crow. Repetitive, grating, soulless and unmelodious.

There. I have said it. I feel slightly ashamed, because of the sheer weight of contrary opinoin. I do realise that I may live to appreciate her music and, having ‘seen the light’, will enjoy her songs over and over again. After all, I never thought I would like mustard.

1 thought on “Fingernails down a chalkboard

  1. It’s ok Mark, I agree with you 100% Amy Winehouse is a WINE-ing COW 😛
    I can’t bear to listen to her either, there are so many more talented artists out there and she is certainly not one of them
    I can’t comprehend her popularity, perhaps, like like The Darkness, she will disappear soon!

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