Are we cool?

We have been getting used to our new central heating system since the controls were all wired in a fortnight ago. I took a wrench to the hall radiator valve and adjusted it right down, which has solved the issue of a hot hall triggering the new wall thermostat and consequently preventing the boiler from warming the rooms.

I thought that was the end of our problems, but it dawned on us that the system seemed to be on at weird times of the day – and night! I checked and re-checked the clock and programme settings, and tried once more to make sense of the badly written Honeywell instruction manuals. Here’s an example:

The HCW80 and HC60NG are already teached-in (bounded).

Not quite one for but I couldn’t be sure I was doing everything correctly. In the end I called the electrician back, half expecting him to tut and push an obvious button marked “press to make everything work properly.”

Thankfully he didn’t. My relief quickly turned to dismay, however, when he declared that there was nothing wrong with the system and that I should just see how we got on with it.

“Er, no. Fix it please.” I said. So he phoned a friend (actually his boss) who talked him through a fault-finding procedure which revealed – guess what? – the thermostat had been wired direct to the boiler, missing out the timeclock altogether!

So our central heating has in fact been on 24 hours a day since it was installed. Now I can actually feel the room temperature dropping for the first time in two weeks.

Note to Honeywell: it helps installation electricians if diagrams are correctly labelled and instructions are intelligible. Yours are not.

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