Today we landed at Sydney. Before we landed we got up at 6 o’clock to see the bridge. It was awfully like Widnes bridge but we didn’t say so. We then had to go to breakfast. We heard Dad being called over the microphone. He had to be interviewed up on “A” deck.

At last it was time to leave SS Orsova. We were waiting for the customs to pass us and for trunks and packing cases to come. In the end we took a taxi-truck to the hotel we had booked. It was a nice hotel and our room had air-conditioning fitted. Daddy went back to the Customs and saw our tea chest thrown up and then came back to the “Coronation”.

We decided that we would take a trip to Bondi Beach. We took the bus to North Bondi. Then walked to the beach. We had a lovely time [but when we got back Mandy had got tonsilitis and had to stay in bed. (this is an extra put in on 21st November 1968). I do not enjoy school it is called Childwall C. of England school.]

Robin very cheeky

Today we just played with Pat, Robin and Janet. We did the same as yesterday and Robin was very cheeky. The stewards were taking instructions for bringing things and taking things to plates and from places in Goanese. Robin promptly started to copy him. Waving his arms about and yelling.

We didn’t see much of mum and dad till night-time because they were packing ready to disembark.

Tour of Melbourne

Today I woke up with a very croaky voice. We didn’t go to breakfast but mum brought us some toasted cobs. We went on the best coach tour we have ever been on through Melbourne. It was lovely. In the afternoon we walked round and bought a souvenir in the second biggest shop in the world!

We looked at the cottage where Captain Cook lived. It had been taken down in England, and set up in the park there. It was very small but it looked nice. We looked at the conservatory next to it, but it was just the same as in Liverpool.

We drove on until we came to some big gates and we stopped. We walked through beautiful gardens till we came to an open patch. There was a white mansion called Como. It had a lovely view of the gardens. We went in and saw, in a glass case some lovely stuffed birds of paradise. We were told to go and wait in the ballroom. We went in. On one mantelpiece there was a gold statue with a clock on the bottom the guide showed us a musical box, it was a very pretty tune. In the nursery there was a pram that looked like a coach and horses.


At 5 o’clock today we landed at Melbourne. It was the first time we have landed in the daytime. Coming in we saw three dolphins leap right out of the water, they must be strong. People were standing on their houses on the mountainside and signalling to us with mirrors.

We had a drink in the square and Mandy was sick. She went to bed but wasn’t sick again. We went to bed early and mum and dad went to Melbourne with friends.

South Australia

Today we landed at Adelaide in the morning when we went up it was cold. We said goodbye to Andrew and Co and walked down the gangway. It was very hot! We saw a train and dad took a photograph of it. It was cleaner than England but not as clean as Perth.

We got into a crank of a coach and started on a tour of Adelaide. First of all we saw fields full of blue heather. But then a field full of drainpipes. We were in the industry part. The first place we stopped at was Colonel Light Monument. It was a view of the city. Light was looking down on Adelaide and pointing. We had a nice tea in a hotel on the mountain they were gorgeous.

After we went up to the top of Mount Lofty. We put a shilling in a telescope and looked down on the city. The next stop was the town. We looked for souvenirs. We saw a Woolworths but it was just like any other one. I bought a flag of a bird with open wings. We walked back to the coach and stopped at the ship.

We reach Australia

Today we went to Perth on a tour. Before the gangway was open, I had to see the doctor about vax. He said that I was in quarantine but I could go ashore. On the way back we saw Andrew going to see the men unloading the hold. They didn’t seem to be unloading so we watched all the people yelling and waving.

When we finally got on the coach a voice came yelling down the microphone telling us what the driver’s name was and that we could relax and so on. We noticed that it was a clean place no rubbish blowing in the gutters and the houses were neat with gardens with no horrid fences at the end.

The flowers were mostly kangaroo paws and everlasting. Kangaroo paws have red stalks with green fingery ends. We stopped at a cafe and had beans on toast (lovely)! After our meal we walked around. We went down an alley called London Court. We saw some boomerangs. On the way back to the coach we looked at some shops. They were like English shops but there were different don’t know why.

The coach took us to a windmill by going along a freeway (a freeway is a motorway). It was not as fast or as dirty as M1. The windmill’s grounds were full of carts carriages bogies and mail vans. The inside of the mill had horseshoes and saddles and at the very back of the mill was a gaol. The padlock was about six inches big and one inch wide! The museum (which was next to the windmill) had old sewing machines and guns.

When we got back to the terminal I bought a boomerang that comes back.

Bridge again

There was a medical inspection in the morning, and in the afternoon we went on the bridge again. It was for children only. First we steered the ship with the brass wheel. After that we had a look at the radar. We then went to the starboard wing, and had a go at the flashlight. We went into the chart room and wrote our names with an electric pencil. There was another radar without the cover so we had a look at that and saw a ship 20 miles away from us.

We are off Fremantle.