has always denied …

Why do journalists say so-and-so “has always denied the charges”? Clearly, they mean to imply that such consistency is strong evidence that the charges are false.

Compared with someone who denies the charges on Monday, admits them on Tuesday and then denies them again for the rest of the week, I agree. Such a person usually denies the charges. But most people who deny something tend to stick with that position, don’t they?

Computer says no!

Ever feel that you are trapped in a TV sketch? That happened to me yesterday.

I needed to transfer some money abroad, and I phoned my bank to check what identification they would require. ‘Driving licence or passport’ I was told.

So I made the journey to my branch, where, standing at a podium (who designs modern bank interiors?), the member of staff rattled off a list of requirements in a tone of voice which implied that Continue reading