Bargain comedy night in Chorlton

Q. Where can you see three comics for three quid? A. The Iguana Bar in Chorlton, Manchester.

The Mirth on Monday gig yesterday had Alun Cochrane, Ava Vidal and Chris Lynam packing them in. They appeared in that order but I preferred Ava Vidal’s set to Lynam’s. There aren’t many comediennes and few of them are any good but she was confident in her material and although most of her set was about being black it was imaginative and witty.
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The Savages (2007)

The Savages film reviewThis film, starring Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman, examines the behaviour of a brother and sister who have to make arrangements to care for their senile father.

It forces the audience to ask ‘what would I do in their shoes?’ and also reminds us that we ourselves might become helpless and dependent one day. All the characters’ relationships are loveless, and much of the action takes place in a bleak wintery Buffalo, NY. But don’t be put off by all this, because there are many moments of wit and humour throughout.
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