What’s in a name? Well Juliet, I take your point, but still … Calling a film Doubt is pretty crass – then there’s the equally bad choice of Milk, and as long ago as 1990 they picked the title Misery for Rob Reiner’s otherwise excellent thriller. That put me off seeing it for quite a while.

In the case of Doubt (2008) I chose to see it despite the unfortunate title simply because Continue reading

Patience is a virtue

I just heated up a mug of coffee in the microwave oven, and did what I always do. I set the timer, pressed the button, waited, watched – then cancelled five seconds before the end.

Whatever length of cook time was initially chosen, I invariably run out of patience and grab my coffee before the beep.


I got a real sense of achievement this morning. I logged out of a website and got this message

You have now successfully logged out

I think this sort of confirmation should be extended to other challenging everyday tasks. How about receipts which say

You have successfully purchased something

or perhaps on clocks

You have successfully checked the time

Congratulations like this don’t cost anything and make the world a nicer place. You have successfully read this blog entry.