More is less

I have had the same photograph on show at home in a simple gilt frame for probably ten years. Recently I replaced it with a Samsung SPF-83H digital photo frame. So now I can enjoy an endless slideshow of all my favourite pictures which hitherto have been locked away on my computer waiting for the day when the hard drive fails.

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Uptown top banking

I do most of my banking online these days, and cheques go in the post. First Direct pioneered remote banking way before the internet was invented, and they have always been pretty good at it. But I had to pay in some cash today, so I was obliged to visit a branch of their sister company Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited – more commonly known as HSBC.

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In praise of speed cameras

The speed camera near us has recently been dismantled. As I am one of many motorists who has been caught by this particular camera over the years, you might expect me to rejoice at its removal. Particularly as I have made my views clear about our surveillance society. I have noticed one or two others have gone too. What’s going on?

As it happens, I am an enthusiastic supporter of speed cameras for Continue reading

Boat on the Rocks

The Boat That RockedSometimes, you have all the ingredients needed to bake a cake, but the cake turns out disappointing. In the case of “The Boat That Rocked” (2009) there were plenty of first-rate ingredients – interesting story, talented writer, a whole cast of seasoned players. Alas, the movie they made is a tedious mess with the inclusion of a few unpalatable bits you would prefer not to swallow.
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