Consume more stuff!

I needed a replacement low voltage fuse (what for isn’t really relevant) so I went to Maplin. Yes, they had them. “Just one pack you want?” the sales assistant asked. Turns out you have to buy a pack of ten. There was no hint of irony in his voice. A lifetime’s supply of 10 amp 60 volt fuses is the minimum you can buy. As if anyone would need more than ten!

Alright, they only cost £1.59 per pack, and they are tiny. But it is still a waste of the earth’s finite resources.

Today I saw a sports shop selling monoculars on Special Offer: “buy one get one free.” You couldn’t make it up.

WordPress date problem fixed

I have some posts here with pretty ancient dates. A recent upgrade of WordPress introduced a problem with pre-1970 dates, which started to show as today’s date.

An appeal on the WordPress forums produced no solution, and I had assumed that I would just have to put up with it, because very few bloggers write posts with dates in the 1960’s.

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Canoeing from Symonds Yat to Redbrook

At 7.30 we went off for a pre-breakfast walk to the top of Symonds Yat Rock. It was a lovely morning and we had the place to ourselves. It’s a steep climb up through the woods, where we bumped into a regular from the White Lion in Ross-on-Wye. There is a walled viewing area at the summit with a perfect view of the rocks where peregrine falcons nest. You can also see the vast sweep of the river as it doubles back on itself – something you are not aware of when canoeing.

Dave and I were ready for breakfast by the time we returned, but once again we were frustrated; breakfast at the Saracen’s Head was served to residents only, and the landlord refused to be persuaded otherwise – even though there were plenty of empty tables.
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Canoeing from Ross to Symonds Yat

Woke to another fine morning with noisy house martins busily flitting back and forth to their nests in the eaves of the White Lion. We had an excellent cooked breakfast there on the terrace, watching swans gliding back and forth along the river before Mark Simons from The River Wye Canoe Hire Company arrived to issue us with our equipment.

He also gave us a safety briefing and instructions for dealing with various hazards and features along the river. It was a lot to take in, and one person in another group was so fazed she changed her mind and decided not to canoe.
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Wye canoe – part two

Our adventure down the River Wye from Mordiford at the end of July had been cut short at Ross-on-Wye due to the dangerously swollen river. But Dave and I were still keen to do the second section, from Ross down to Redbrook.

This time I took the train, a direct service from Stockport to Hereford where Dave picked me up. We drove to Ross-on-Wye and pitched our tents at the White Lion once more.
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Garden beats Park

Years ago we visited Manchester Airport’s Aviation Viewing Park. What a grandiose name for a couple of earth mounds and a Portakabin near the runway, we thought at the time.

Since then, they have acquired Concorde (I watched its very last landing) and have added several other planes. So I thought it was time for a return visit. Now I don’t suppose everybody enjoys watching aircraft taking off and landing, but I find these commonplace machines awesome, exciting and beautiful.
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