All aboard Concorde!

On 31 October 2003 I was one of 10,000 spectators who waited patiently in the cold at Manchester Airport to watch Concorde G-BOAC land for the very last time.

Today I went on a Technical Tour of that same aeroplane which, after five years standing out in the open, is now housed in the Concorde Centre. (Whilst this purpose built hangar protects the iconic plane from the wind and rain, it is unheated. The seven of us on our tour were bitterly cold for most of the 90 minute experience. If you are considering a tour, wait until spring!)
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An Education (2009)

You know how it is. You are trying to watch TV, but there’s a car alarm going off outside. Try as you might, you can’t ignore it. Your viewing is spoiled.

It’s the same with Lone Scherfig’s An Education except it comes with its own built-in annoying, insistent wee waah: ‘She’s too old for the part … She’s too old for the part … She’s too old for the part …’

Carey Mulligan is seven years older than her character. Now, seven years might be close enough not to matter when playing a mature adult, but Jenny is supposed to be 16. And Mulligan is just not a convincing teenage schoolgirl.

There are many other irritations besides this mis-casting. Peter Sarsgaard plays David. He’s supposed to be a suave, manipulative older man. Trouble is, there’s no grit, no edge, no menace. David and Jenny just moon at each other like they are the same age, and such is the softness of his demeanour, it is hard to accept that this man is a self-serving immoral (heterosexual) hedonist.

The period detailing is good (the film is set in the early 1960’s) but it is too flat, lacking depth and dramatic involvement, and is over-long.