Grimm Tales – Manchester Library Theatre

I had my doubts when we booked tickets for the matinee performance on New Year’s Day. Not doubts about the show per se – the Library is consistently good – but about the actors’ ability to turn up for work after partying the night away.

So when the Tannoy in the foyer announced that the show would start half an hour late due to ‘technical difficulties’ I was not completely surprised. That would be the technical difficulty of ringing one or more absent cast members and persuading them that with enough strong coffee and paracetamol they would be able to get through the performance, and that remaining in bed would be a career-limiting decision.

Once it started, some 45 minutes late, the show was a gem. The multi-talented cast were all bright-eyed and the clever set looked like an illustration from a children’s fairy tale book. The production was pacy, fun and imaginative.

The Library Theatre is moving this year after nearly half a century located in the basement of the library. I just hope that they manage to keep doing what they do with the same sparkle in their new venue.