What’s the definition of ‘organic’? Ten years ago it meant shrivelled spotty vegetables you wouldn’t choose to buy even if they were the last ones in the shop. Not least because they were 50% more expensive.

Now everything in the supermarket has its ‘organic’ alternative. Still more expensive, but within range of those people who are not on a tight budget and are keen to save the planet whilst eating healthy food.

But who defines what is organic and what is not? Shoppers who assume it means food grown without pesticides or fertilizers need to do a bit of checking if they are not to be misled.

Here’s an example: Morrison’s Organic Corn Flakes. On the box it says

Organic standards prohibit the use of genetically modified ingredients and seek to avoid routine use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers.

Such weasely phraseology would make a home-flipping MP blush.

Underwhelmed in Wonderland

I went to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2010) last night at Cineworld. The reek of ripoff popcorn fills the nostrils as you walk in. The magic of cinema weaves its spell before you have taken your seat, for you feel instantly transported to an airport departure hall right there in the foyer. A cavernous carpeted barn full of queuing people.
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