Money for nothing

I have recently discovered the cashback and discount coupon site called Quidco which makes it easy to get a discount when shopping online. A bit like the Nectar scheme, except you get money back instead of Nectar points. All you have to do is visit sites via Quidco!

It’s early days, and I have not yet received any money from them, but neither has it cost me anything to join. Watch this space!

Press here

I was one of those kids who sends off for free stuff from companies. You know – samples, information packs, promotional material, posters for my bedroom wall.

One such firm was Adana (Printing Machines) Ltd in Twickenham, England. I could not resist the coupon for a free sample of printer’s type. They sent me nine characters which spelled the words ADANA TYPE wrapped in a plain piece of paper, together with brochures for their printing presses and accessories.

I took these curious shiny rods of lead (exactly 0.918 inches or 23.3172 mm high) with the mirror-writing letters on top to primary school with me, where I would carefully unwrap them and show to friends and teachers.

At first that was the extent of my interest in printing, but Continue reading

The pride that dare not speak its name

Liverpool is holding its first official Pride festival. So anybody who feels pride is welcome to attend, I suppose. Er, not really. Pride in what? OK we all know. There’s no need to spell it out. It’s the Liverpool **** Pride Festival. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we? Not proud enough to give it a name, it seems. Which is a shame.

The omission of controversial words is a modern trend. It started with the War on ******* Terrorism of course. We became used to that one almost overnight.

I can see it developing still further. How about the French government’s proposals to ban the **** ****? Or the British government’s new ***** plan? Talking of government, all right minded people agree that there should be more ******* and ***** MPs in the House of Commons. Those that don’t can ***** with a ******!