Nature soon takes over

After recent heavy rain my local nine-hole golf course is suffering from partial flooding. Two holes are unplayable. Immaculately manicured grass is now under a sheet of water which shows no signs of subsiding.

And there in the middle of this new pond, looking content and perfectly at home, glides a solitary snow-white swan.

Everything half price

Have you noticed that supermarkets sell virtually everything at half price, or two-for-one these days? They still make a healthy profit – last year Tesco notched up a 10% increase in profits to make a record £3.4bn. for example, so something isn’t quite right here.

Does the ‘full price’ include an exorbitant 50% profit margin Continue reading

Britain goes decimal!

It is exactly forty years since we converted from pounds, shillings and pence to decimal coinage.

I was a keen coin collector in those days, and had already enthusiastically bought several sets of the new coins which were available at the Post Office as early as 1969.

I also purchased Britain’s last complete set of pre-decimal coins – struck in 1953 and sealed at the Royal Mint. This comprised Continue reading