Browser wars – caught in the crossfire

I upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 this morning. It looks nice – lean and uncluttered. A really cool feature is that you can easily open two tabs next to each other. So you can for example highlight a piece of text on a website and drag it into an email you are composing.

So far so great! Then I opened up Google Calendar, to receive this message:

Your browser does not support all features of Google Calendar. If you are having problems, try Google Chrome.

Why have Microsoft made something which doesn’t play nicely with Google Calendar? Or have Google made their Calendar deliberately incompatible with IE9?

Whatever the reason, I would like these two internet superpowers to sort it out please.

Clever bird

This morning I threw out pieces of stale bread for the birds. A short time later, one of the pair of magpies which have built a new nest high up in the tall trees flew down. It swaggered over to the bread like a corpulent ringmaster. Picking up a piece the bird carried it over to our birdbath, dunking the bread in the water before devouring it.