Melancholia (2011)

Interesting allegorical sci-fi scenario
Surreal ‘Mervyn Peake’ quality
Plenty of Kirsten Dunst
Memorable last 5 minutes

Annoying wobbly camerawork
Messy plot with too much thrown in
Like a film school project but with big name actors
Very annoying characters
Too much Charlotte Gainsbourg (as Kirsten Dunst’s sister!?)
Overly long

Instant asthma

I had never been to Waterside Arts Centre, Sale until last Saturday. On a dark drizzly October evening it’s a sterile sort of place – like an up-market community centre.

The clientele were well-groomed theatregoing types. We didn’t fill the auditorium either, so the compere had to work especially hard to warm us all up for the four stand-up comedy acts which followed.

The first three were amusing, but the headline act Steve Shanyaski possesses a star quality which had me wheezing with uncontrolled laughter. He’s talented, insightful, self-assured, and definitely worth seeking out. Just remember your inhaler.