Penniless student? Make a video and get paid by the police

Here’s a money making tip. As student Simona Bonomo discovered, all you need to do is make a video of iconic buildings in London.

OK they don’t pay you straight away. In fact it’s fair to say there is some hassle involved. But it might also give you first hand experience of the Stanford experiment forty years on.

Faint praise

Heaton Moor Medical Centre

Heaton Moor Medical Centre

In Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places To Live In The UK Stockport features at Number 12. I wonder whether the authors had seen this local feature when they were compiling their sideways look at modern Britain? Perhaps not, for if they had, then surely Stockport might have been put a notch higher in the rankings?

It’s outside a health centre and appears to be a manhole cover dedicated to a nurse who worked there for a year. Now, on the one hand it’s touching that her passing is marked for posterity. She evidently was missed – presumably by her colleagues – and I can only assume that her death came unexpectedly soon after taking up her new post. In publishing this photograph I have no wish to make light of others’ loss or to be disrespectful to her memory.

It just strikes me as somewhat unfortunate that an item of galvanized drainage furniture was chosen as a symbolic tribute to this person’s life.