Bicycle journey planner

I have just discovered a great app for your iPhone or Android smartphone. It’s a full-featured satnav for cyclists and pedestrians. This means it will navigate a route on cycle paths and quiet roads and use bike-friendly cut-throughs and short-cuts where available. It even avoids hills if possible, and will show you A to A leisure routes from and back to a specified location.

It’s free from Bike Hub thanks to a voluntary bike industry levy.

Gut feeling

If you fancy dining out, how do you know whether a restaurant has good standards of hygiene? It’s important to know, because you can get ill or even die from food poisoning.

Have you ever asked for a quick look in the kitchen before taking your seat? Or do you assume that environmental health inspectors keep a close eye on every establishment?

Perhaps you judge by front-of-house appearance, or rely on reviews by food critics and members of the public. A bit indirect?

A more objective source of information is Continue reading