Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen

If you are a vegetarian, most restaurants conveniently narrow your choice to a couple of options at most. No time-consuming enquiries to make about exactly what this or that meal consists of, and no agonizing about getting it right. Just pick the token veggie meal and sit back for ten minutes whilst your dining companions pore over the menu.

However, a visit to Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen in Manchester is a very different experience. By force of habit, a veggie diner might scan the menu for the one or two dishes marked with a ‘V’. However the pleasant surprise at seeing so many options is doubled when you remember that everything is vegetarian, and that the ‘V’ designates vegan meals!

The ambiance clean and bright, the service is deferential. The food is fresh, clever, complex – and delicious! So whether you are vegetarian vegan or someone who just appreciates imaginative Chinese food, treat yourself to a meal or take-away at Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen, Wilmslow Road Manchester.