Put a stop to it!

I don’t know whether it’s because of Brexit, but there is a subtle change in pronunciation taking place in British English. The phrase ‘the EU’ is said much more frequently these days, as the nation debates the issues around Britain leaving the European Union. It’s a little awkward to pronounce those two ‘e’ sounds one after the other. So people have started to shift from saying ‘thee EU’ to ‘thuh EU’, spoken with a slight stop at the back of the throat to separate the two words.

What’s interesting is that this glottal stop is becoming more widespread in general speech. So ‘the orange juice’ becomes ‘thuh orange juice’ even though it doesn’t facilitate pronunciation.

One of the many unintended consequences of Brexit!

Tax avoidance tip

Are you sick of reading about large corporations paying small amounts of tax through clever avoidance schemes? Well now you can play the same game and exploit a tax loophole perfectly legally.

Here’s how it works. 80 grams of granulated sugar will cost you about 6p. Add it to a litre of your favourite soft drink, and you save 24p in sugar tax. That’s 18p in your pocket right there.